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Learn to Manifest Your Dreams!

Manifest Your Dreams!

If You Have An Interest In The Following...

  • Setting and Manifesting Goals for the Next Three Months
  • Aligning Goals with Your Spiritual Self
  • Visualization Techniques for Goal Achievement 
  • Letting Go and Trusting in the Manifestation Process
  • Finding Your Inner Voice and Following Your True Path
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Fears to Achieve Success
  • Releasing Tension and Negative Thoughts to Create Positive Energy
  • The Power of Love and Self-Empowerment in Goal Setting 
  • The Importance of Being Present and Fully Engaged in Goal Planning 
  • Support and Guidance from the Spiritual World in Goal Attainment.

Your Teachers: Dr. Eleanor & Dr. Marvin

 Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. dynamically combines the spiritual and scientific. After receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1971 and doing her Post-Doctoral training at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital in Chicago, Eleanor recognized her talents as psychic intuitive and began integrating spirituality and holistic principles into her work. While remaining well grounded in traditional disciplines, Eleanor synthesizes multiple disciplines using conversational hypnosis, clean language, and other therapeutic and coaching skills, that seamlessly guide clients toward self-awareness and success in reaching their goals.

Eleanor is known for her expertise in the field of relationships and parenting as well as a pioneer developer of Noble Sciences’ Sacred Synthesis, a system that goes Beyond Human Design. She is a best-selling author whose books can be found on Amazon.

Current List Of Dr. Eleanor’s Books

Marvin M. Portner, M.D., is Board Certified in Allergy, Immunology, and Internal Medicine and trained at the University of Michigan and UCLA. As an internal medicine specialist, he diagnoses and treats all adult medical conditions without surgery, but is educated, certified, and experienced in practicing alternative forms of treatment as well. In the late 1970’s, Marvin pioneered the integration of the traditional medical practice with holistic, alternative medicine.

Using his expertise, Marvin views his patients from a whole-person perspective, taking the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit-energy connection into consideration. He spends time with each patient, getting to know them, talking about their health concerns and decisions, and setting goals with them to achieve wellness.

More About Dr. Marvin’s Practice